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Mike Houser

“My name is Mike Houser. I’m almost 64 years old and like most guys, I played sports in high school and some in college. I have also had some experience in the weight room. I also for the longest time had a back issue that would flare up on a regular basis leaving me basically immobile for days.

I began working with Dale about two years ago. I can only say the transformation has been remarkable. I am currently in the best shape I have been in in 30 years! I’m lifting more than I ever have and completing routines I never would have thought possible. I just recently completed a set of 5 deadlifts at 245 lbs, another achievement I would have never thought possible. Obviously my back is no longer an issue. I’m also down to 15% body fat heading to 10 %.

Dale is professional in his approach, tailoring your workout to your specific needs. All you need to do is sign up and show up. You won’t regret it.”

Mike Houser personal training testimonial
Mike Houser

Robert Haywood

“I have been training with DB for over five years. With so many trainers and gyms promising a four- or six-week body transformation, five years seems like a long time to participate in a training program. Yet, DB resists treating exercise as a gimmick, and instead sees training as a key part of designing a healthy lifestyle for yourself. He brings to coaching an incredible knowledge of anatomy, muscle development, weightlifting, functional exercise and nutrition. He is a life-long athlete himself, so he lives what he preaches.

When I started training with DB I was coming out of a serious illness and was extremely weak. I had difficulty balancing, walking up stairs and walking more than a block. Through consistent weight training and exercise with DB, coupled with his persistence and patience, I am so much stronger and am now able to climb mountains, hike, sail and engage in many activities that I would not have been able to do otherwise.

Over the many years I have trained with DB, I have never had a session that was the same as the previous one. Each session is different so that my training never feels routine. This keeps me engaged, challenged and interested.

In addition to his extraordinary devotion to each of his clients, DB brings something else to coaching that inspires and changes people: he possesses a special view of the mind and body as one, so that a healthy body requires a healthy mind and the reverse.”

Robert Haywood
Robert Haywood


“I started my journey with Dale 24 months ago in summer of 2017. I was out of shape, overweight with inconsistent workouts, poor sleep and eating habits. I also had nagging injuries from my past. After I met Dale, I started by going to the gym twice per week, gradually increasing to 3 times per week.  Thanks to Dale’s encouragement, I have also added an additional 2 cardio days on my own.  I feel healthier, stronger and more fit – both physically and mentally. My nagging injuries are almost non-existent.

Dale has taught me that improving and maintaining fitness is a journey. It is about getting up, going to the gym and doing the work (It is a PROCESS).  Dale has taught me, not focus on the results, but focus more on the incremental changes.  It is the journey that is important.  Over time, these consistent small changes do lead to dramatic results.

Dale continues to work with me to improve these habits step by step. He is always encouraging, motivating me to continue doing the work and move forward.  He is also willing to adapt workouts and regimens to meet the complexity of my schedule.

Dale has become more than a trainer, and a mentor,  I consider him a friend.”

d3 fitness personal training testimonial - Mark on benchpress

Ben Petre, MD

d3 fitness - TestimonialsI started with DB 10 months ago as a way to motivate myself to get up in the morning and go to the gym. I used to dread those mornings, because I could not do anything. Pushups, pull-ups, any weightlifting, they all seemed insurmountable. Now my mornings at Dauntless working out with DB have become a favorite part of my week that I look forward to. I have noticed vast changes in my abilities, strength and endurance. DB helped me cut 30 minutes off of my personal best for an Olympic triathlon, I can now easily string together pushups, and although pull-ups are still challenging, I am getting there!

Here are some baseline lifts start/present

– Back Squat 85 to 225
– Front Squat 75 to 175
– Deadlift 155 to 260
– Bench Press 95 to 175
– Push Press 75 to 105
– Pull-ups 0 to 3
– 8” box jumps to 24”

Fran Horner

d3 fitness - TestimonialsA personal trainer?? For me? Personal trainers were for the physically elite, for big brawny young men with strength, muscle, and aspirations to some significant sports goal. I was a 53-year old woman in the middle of a major life transition, ready to give some modest attention to my physical wellbeing. I had been running – well, jogging, really – since I was diagnosed with breast cancer, four years earlier. I was also being treated for osteoporosis, low bone density. The genetic old woman’s disease had made hunchbacks of so many of my ancestors. I was told I could expect, at best, to maintain the low bone density levels I had. Improvement was rare, at least without daily injections. I had joined a gym and was given a free trial with a trainer, whom I thought would just demonstrate a few weight machines. I can still remember the morning I met Dale Barr. The world of my physical wellbeing has never been the same.

DB was not interested in demonstrating machines. He interviewed me, learned my physical goals and challenges, and proceeded to give me a “warm-up” that I could not complete. I was shocked. I could not handle five squats. It turns out running is not the complete exercise I had thought. It also turns out I had found the most wonderful trainer, one who would challenge me, would not limit me by pre-conceptions of what a 50-something woman could accomplish, but who always worked carefully so I would avoid injury. He introduced me to weight training, balance exercises, and cardio-interval conditioning.

My physical profile changed, gradually. I became a strong person – and not just physically. As I learned to trust, use, and value my body, I grew in confidence. I became happier with myself, with the world. I dead-lifted an old, heavy microwave oven, a task for which I would have “called in the men” in a pre-DB world. I can still remember the day. Because I had good form, and strength, the thing practically flew up in my arms. I had achieved a level of physical independence that few women my age can claim.

After one year with DB, with my bone density showing minor improvement, my doctor decided not to give me medication for the disease. He wanted to see how things developed. This October, my second year of personal training, my bone density improved, can you believe it, five percent! Those of you who suffer from osteoporosis will know that this is an unheard-of improvement, especially without fairly intense medication. I was over the moon. All those weighted back squats had changed my spine. DB’s confidence, his willingness to work with a senior woman, his care and concern, had accomplished what medical science could not. He works with anyone, regardless of age. He has extensive experience with young people, and his other clients feature some big brawny men. And me, a person no longer intimidated by the gym, whose future as a hunchback woman has been rewritten.

Jane A. Montvilas

d3 fitness - TestimonialsIn April 2010, stress, a job loss, health issues, my desire to lose weight and a Biggest Loser application lead me to committing to unlimited personal training sessions for 8 weeks at a personal training gym that I had been going to on/off for 5 years. DB was one of my trainers. DB is one of the most tenacious, supportive and entertaining personal trainers I have had the pleasure of working out with. He always believed that I could do the workout, even when I did not. He taught me to change my perspective from “I can’t” to “I can” when I thought the moves were too challenging. He inspired me to push myself a little farther each day. I learned to push through pain to continue to reach my goals. He adapted moves for me that would still help me get stronger when I injured my bicep/tore my rotator cuff. He taught me that reaching little goals were just as important to being successful as reaching the big goals. I had to stop and think one day when he called me an athlete. Me, at my age? Yes, I guess I did become one with pushing 400 lb tanks, pulling 250 lb sleds and working through the “cardio corner” circuits. In 2011, when I turned 50, I had achieved a weight loss of 66 lbs and a transformation in my body that I never thought I would ever get back. My health issues have disappeared and I feel and look better than I have in a decade. I will always keep hearing DB’s voice in my head saying “I can’t” is not in your vocabulary” because I (we) can.”

Mitchell Corwin

d3 fitness - TestimonialsDB is not only the best trainer I have ever worked with, but also a very good friend. Before working with DB I lacked the motivation to work out and generally did not look forward to coming to the gym. After just a few workouts with DB, I could honestly say that I really looked forward to our sessions. He has a rare ability to motivate his clients to push themselves to the max all with positive energy. DB genuinely cares about his clients, and makes sure he understands their strengths and weaknesses. He is also the first person at the gym to welcome his clients, and get them instantly in a great mood and ready to hit it.

DB also works closely with his clients to achieve their specific goals. As I prepared to do my first triathlon a few years ago, DB tailored workouts to ensure I was working the right areas of my body, building both strength and endurance. He also was mindful of some challenges I had after going through knee surgery. I was able to do my workouts while rehabbing and had no setbacks in my recovery.

After many years of working out with DB, I can say that today I have never felt better physically. I strongly recommend DB to anyone looking for personal training. I will personally mis him, but I know there will be many people who will benefit from his amazing ability and dedication to his clients.”

Rich Kenny

d3 fitness - TestimonialsDB has been my trainer for the last 18 months. Initially, I was just looking to get into decent shape and maybe shed a few pounds. I\’d workout with DB a few times a week but after awhile I felt this wasn\’t enough. About 9 months ago, we decided to get more serious about my training. I got a body scan and found that my body fat was 28%… ugh.

DB helped me change my diet and my workouts. We put in a lot of work over the next 6 months. In addition to the cross training we were already doing, we included upper and lower body weight training. I went in for another scan and my body fat was under 18%.

If you\’re like me, you are looking for tangible results. DB got me where I wanted to be. I feel great and DB shakes up our workouts enough to make them enjoyable. His music is great too… which is definitely important to me.”

Chris Guttilla

d3 fitness - TestimonialsI have been a client of Train With Ron (TWR) for over 4 years and Dale Barr (DB) has been a huge reason for my loyalty. DB has the patience and knowledge to help you achieve your personal cardio and strength goals. I like that DB came from a successful athletic background and has personally challenged himself with new athletic endeavors, such as triathlons and marathons. DB constantly recreates his workouts utilizing his own personal experiences to customize training routines that will push you to your limits. I promise you that DB will bring a fresh and challenging workout each session and keep you interested and motivated in achieving your goals. DB\’s passion for training clients is obvious the first time you workout with him. DB will not yell or scream, but will encourage you to finish a move or push yourself to do a few more push-ups with encouragement and positive re-enforcement. No matter what shape you are in or the goals that you have set, DB will do everything within his ability to help you achieve them in a timely and safe manner. DB is a huge reason why I am in the best shape of my life at 37 years old and will miss his intense and creative routines.”

Bonnie Kelly

d3 fitness - TestimonialsI have trained with DB for 5 years. I was 51 years old, overweight and had not worked out in 10 years. He had his hands full. Over 5 years, he helped me find my inner athlete and lose 70 lbs to boot. DB is the ideal trainer. He finds your weaknesses and strengths, which allows him to figure out the perfect training session. He incorporates strength, core and cardio in a way that is fun … even when you’ve sweated buckets and burned over 600 calories in an hour. Being prone to knee, ankle & shoulder issues, he watches closely to make sure my form is correct and is very alert to any sign that I might be overdoing it. He even took the time to monitor my food logs, which aided me in finding the right eating plan that worked for me. With his encouragement and training, over the past 4 years I’ve competed in ten 5K, two 10K’s and a 15K Race. And I will be competing in my first Half Marathon in Omaha at the end of September. Those of us in Chicago, who have had the privilege of training with him, will miss him tremendously.”

Kimberly Thurston

d3 fitness - TestimonialsDB has been one of my trainers for the last 3 years. He is an absolute professional, understands personal goals and encourages his clients to achieve them step-by-step. When I began training with DB my expectations were to get in better shape, achieve my optimal body weight, and live a healthier lifestyle. I managed these expectations, which have ultimately been exceeded, with a lot of hard work along with DB\’s training knowledge. DB met my high standards and challenged me to do more. Now I am a stronger person inside and out. I credit a lot of my personal and physical strength to DB.”

Abby Smith

d3 fitness - TestimonialsBeing a physical therapist I am very critical when it comes to personal trainers. I have worked with trainers that have no idea what they are doing, and help rehab the injuries that are caused from them. D.B impressed me from the first day I met him. He possesses the knowledge of correct form, along with appropriate intensity to challenge me the way I need to be challenged. Being a very active and in shape person he was able to help me take “fit” to a new level. He incorporates a combination of core, cardio and strengthening exercises to get a comprehensive workout each session. I have been working with D.B for 9 months and have never repeated a workout twice which mixes it up and keeps it exciting each session. I enjoy my time with D.B greatly and have benefitted by the refinement of my body shape and overall fitness.”

Dan Artui

d3 fitness - TestimonialsAfter 8 years of managing salespeople, I got so busy that I forgot to take care of my body. I began working with DB in October of 2009 and he truly helped me to reshape my eating habits, discipline to exercise, and discipline in form while doing the movements. I worked on a regimen of cardio, cross training, and weight training, and the results have been astonishing… I\’ve lost over 55 pounds (it took me a bit less than a year) while gaining strength and endurance I haven\’t had since my high school days, and I\’ve maintained that weight loss in large part due to DBs coaching, feedback, and advice. He is passionate about great eating and exercising habits, and also \”walks the walk\”. DB provides the workouts, and I provide the work ethic. Needless to say, we all win! I would highly recommend anyone – from beginner to professional athlete – to work with DB; he can set up a program to challenge you to, and beyond, what you currently believe your limits are. With a little help from you, you will get the results you\’re looking for, like I did! Thanks DB!

Jodi Ozan

d3 fitness - TestimonialsChoosing to train with DB two years ago was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. I would go through ups and downs with my weight and working out for years, never finding a workout I actually enjoyed and finding people that loved working out crazy. DB has changed all of that for me! Since starting with DB I have lost 25 pounds, 5% body fat and 30 points on my cholesterol test. As I always tell my friends, he is a trainer, weight watchers counselor and a therapist rolled into one. His knowledge, motivational skills and words of encouragement cannot be compared. I\’ve seen him work with top class athletes or beginners like myself and he comes up with challenging and different workouts for all of us. I never thought I would look forward to working out but going to training is actually my favorite time of the week now! DB knows when I need to be pushed and also knows when he needs to make me smile, which he constantly does! I highly recommend DB as a trainer to anyone that wants to improve their workouts, their health or just wants a change in their daily routines. You will never be disappointed.”

Christina Smith

d3 fitness - TestimonialsWhen I first met DB, I was part of a group training session and he was my trainer. Now, I’ve had personal trainers before, taken classes, worked out to DVDs, etc., but never trained in a group atmosphere — so needless to say, I was a bit nervous. How was I going to keep up with everyone else? Is my form right? Who’s going to be watching me? Where is my cupcake?

But all of those fears soon melted away when, while doing my warm-up exercise machine, DB walked over to me and told me my form was wrong. He showed me the correct way to “do the move” and my “form fear” soon melted away. Later, while looking around at my fellow trainees, I noticed there were a couple of young women and men in my group of 4, but I felt up to the challenge – heck I got up at 4:00 a.m. to do this, so there was no turning back. Needless to say, DB gave us our workout instructions and adjusted various moves to my beginner status. As we all took to our assigned routines, DB watched each of us individually, gave us a few pointers and then walked on to the next person. Always moving, always watching. Now, I’ve watched a lot of TV shows and not once did DB yell and scream at us to “keep it moving”, nor did any of us cry out of frustration, pain or fear. In fact, when I was finished with my session with DB, I felt great! That day. Two days later, I felt every muscle that DB intended for me to work. Muscles that I didn’t know I had! As time moved on, I felt as though my body craved working out. DB had successfully woken up my muscles and made them aware that they should be used for something other than holding up a drink.

All kidding aside, DB is very personable, attentive, innovative and encouraging. All of the things that you would want on the other side of a dumbbell. If I mention that something is hurting, he always adjusts my routine. The most memorable morning I had working out with DB was when he entered me in the fireman challenge. I would watch people drag a 130 lb. dummy 50 yards, do burpees and run and push weights across the floor and think, Wow, I wish I could try that, and then I did…. DB told me that I would be doing the challenge that morning. I was scared, doubtful and scared (did I mentioned doubtful or scared?) but DB had faith in me that I was up to the challenge. In fact, during the entire time, I was hauling, lifting and panting, I could hear DB in the background cheering me on. When I completed the challenge, there wasn’t a friend, family member or coworker that didn’t know about it. I even tried calling the Chicago Tribune but they were not interested. I was so proud that I had accomplished this and touched that my trainer knew I could do it all along. DB is going to be sorely missed in Chicago and now I understand why the contestants on the Biggest Loser cry when their trainer is switched on them or leaves the show. Chicago’s loss is Maryland’s gain.”

Ruth Seward

d3 fitness - TestimonialsDB is the kind of trainer that one hopes to be lucky enough to find. He has the ability to create dynamic workouts that are physically and mentally challenging, perfectly tailored to your individual goals and needs, and that leave you with a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. DB’s calm and patient manner helped me to feel supported and motivated as I challenged my body to try new things and push past previous limits. Not only did DB challenge me in the gym, but he also consistently went above and beyond to support my fitness goals. This ranged from emailing me “hotel workouts” that I could do while on vacation, to giving me practical tips for strengthening my knees and core while training for a marathon. Through his support and personal training, I have regained my strength, health, and drive to push my body to its limits…and even had fun while doing it! If you’re looking for a trainer, you can’t do better than DB.”


d3 fitness - TestimonialsDB is an amazing trainer! If you want results from a professional, knowledgeable and very likable individual, you must try a workout with DB. He is passionate about fitness and is always coming up with new ways to challenge you to help attain your goals. Over the past few years, I have seen a dramatic increase in my endurance, strength and overall fitness level. I love starting my day off with a power packed DB work out! Whatever fitness level you are at, I highly recommend trying out DB, you will not be disappointed.”


d3 fitness - TestimonialsAs a former fitness competitor in the Fitness America Pageant circuit, I trained with many different personal trainers. After training and competing for 3 years I soon burned out on doing the same daily routines in the gym. I stopped training, focused on my career, and became out of shape fast. In 5 years, I was 30lbs overweight and I was getting married in 6 months. I started training with DB, and I lost 20lbs in 5 months! I have been training with DB for 2 years now and I\’ve never done the same workout twice! He makes every workout fun and challenging, and I never get bored. DB was able to modify my workout around a knee injury so I never had any down time from training. DB\’s ability to create a unique workout everyday keeps me motivated and excited to continue training.”

Mark Phair

d3 fitness - TestimonialsDale is a terrific personal trainer who takes great pride in the quality of his work. His clients should know that Dale will go the distance to connect with them on a level above the usual trainer/client relationship. He truly brings the best out in you and actually makes working out fun as crazy as that seems. He has an ability to adapt to his surroundings and learns quickly, is able to read a person and determine their strengths and weaknesses. I cannot say enough about him as a trainer but more importantly as a person. He will undoubtedly excel in his profession. I recommend anyone that wants to get in shape to give him a call. Two dumbbells up for Dale!”
Dale’s top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Heather Lang

d3 fitness - TestimonialsAs a young professional new to the city, with my busy full time job and a hectic travel schedule, I found plenty of excuses not to exercise. I started working with DB at Train with Ron because I needed someone to motivate and inspire me to stay on track with my exercise goals. He takes personal training to an exciting new level that involves much more than the traditional gym sweat routine, by incorporating new elements to keep your focus. DB clearly possesses a wealth of knowledge which he freely shares with his clients. He is funny and personable, but very serious about keeping you on track. He wants to see you succeed and in turn you don\’t want to let him down! One thing is for sure, my results speak for itself!”

Dale’s top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Ed Collins

d3 fitness - TestimonialsI can not say enough about the wonderful experience I’ve had training with Dale. Not only is he very instructive and creative in his approach, but the effectiveness of working with him is extraordinary. I thought I was in pretty decent shape, but he took me to a whole new level. I really appreciate his approach and his ability to motivate me to push myself. I recommend anyone trying to improve their strength, speed and over all physical well being to give him a shot. You will be shocked how quickly you’ll see results.”
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value

Jeff Lewandowski

d3 fitness - TestimonialsDale is consummate developer of people. He takes the time to understand his clients to develop the best program that will help them achieve their goals. Once developed, he will be all over you just as a good accountability partner should. Dale further possesses a charter that is second to no one I know. If you have the fortunate opportunity to train under Dale, you will be rewarded with someone who will make sure that your goals are met and be prepared to make a commitment to your targets because I can guarantee that Dale has made the commitment to help you achieve them.”